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November 6, 2012
From Glass Magazine
Glass companies navigate the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

On election eve, hundreds of thousands of people in the Northeast were still without power following Hurricane Sandy, with the hardest hit areas in New Jersey and New York marking an eighth consecutive day without electricity. In addition to power outages, gas shortages stalled recovery efforts, and glass companies in the region reported it could be weeks before conditions improved. 

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Business news
CGH buys Solar Seal
NSG says second quarter FY2013 results reflect "significant deterioration" in European markets
Hawkins Architectural Products expanding IG operations
Saint-Gobain Solar Gard opens new facility in China

Sandy is not over
By Nicole Harris
I live in New York City, and Sandy was my first hurricane.  I am one of the very lucky. Except for rattling windows and worry, we were spared the worst of the storm.  We never went dark, never cold, never hungry. As is true in any disaster, where you are relative to the epi-center can mean life, death and degrees of destruction.  
From the fabricator: Hoping for a speedy recovery
By Max Perilstein
Without question, this past week was dominated by the destruction from the massive storm that hit New York, New Jersey, Virginia and other spots along the East Coast.  I, like so many others, hoped this storm would not be as bad as expected, but unfortunately in many cases, it was worse.  My heart breaks thinking about the loss of life and looking at the damage.
Product Spotlight
Superlite II-XL fire-resistive glazing

In accordance with the stringent ASTM E119 test standard, Safti First’s intumescent-filled SuperLite II-XL fire-resistive glazing protects lives and property by acting as a barrier to the transmission of radiant heat. Read more...

Great Glazing
Custom interior office space

Glass fabricator:
Tristar Visions
Glass manufacturer: PPG Industries
Installers: Tristar Glass and Carlson Design

This commercial office space in Tulsa, Okla., features a 42-foot-long, custom, continuous art mural that spans 14 glass panels suspended from the ceiling. The image is concentrated in the lower portion of the glass with darker colors to obscure desks, while the top portion of the glass remains clear for high visibility and an open atmosphere. Read more...



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