November 3, 2009 | Vol 4, Num 44
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Set big, hairy, audacious goals for 2010; don't give up on 2009
What can you do to impact the current final weeks of 2009? To use a sports analogy, most games are won or lost in the 4th quarter; most races are won or lost in the final meters. ... read more
Product spotlight

Acid etched
CriSamar Design, the new acid etched glass from Savasa, Spain, features a glossy and satined contrast pattern with geometric figures. It is suitable for trendy interior applications including: walls, furniture, doors, commercial closets, hotels, offices, institutional buildings and high-end houses. ... read more
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Sky high challenges for glaziers on NYC’s High Line 

Visitors to New York City’s High Line, a mile and a half strip of green parkland three stories above the street on an abandoned railroad line, might overlook one of the most impressive aspects of the project: a glass railing. “No one appreciates what it took to get that glass there,” says Lee Sparaco, president, Allied Glass Co.

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