November 25, 2008 | Vol 3, Num 47
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Given the rise in soda ash prices, have you experienced changes in materials cost?








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Green In Beantown
It was clear from the moment you approached the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center that the 2008 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo was different from other architectural and construction shows. ... read more

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Installation of the week

2008 Ford Taurus X
Download a free PDF featuring glass removal and replacement instructions for the 2008 Ford
Taurus X

Hundreds more installations are available at the new


How far are you prepared to go?
When looking for a little extra motivation in these trying times, sometimes the right movie and/or book can do the trick.

One film that always works for me is The Untouchables. ... read more

Product spotlight

Optical interlayer
Argotec Inc. of Greenfield, Mass., developed a transparent extruded polyurethane optical interlayer for bullet-, blast-, impact-, and hurricane-resistant glass. ... read more

Risk tip of the week

Slips, trips and falls
Risk management and loss control have become sophisticated subjects involving detailed analyses of potential risks, oftentimes with the use of computer modeling. But don't let the small stuff slide. ... read more

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Newport greenhouse melds historic form with modern function

Solar Innovations and Heritage Greenhouse Builders recently replicated a historic estate greenhouse in Newport, R.I.

Learn about the basics, the players, and the glass and systems involved with this Great glazing

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