November 4, 2008 | Vol 3, Num 44
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Installation of the week

2008 Toyota RAV4
Download a free PDF featuring glass removal and replacement instructions for the 2008 Toyota RAV4.

Hundreds more installations are available at the new


After the campaign dust settles
The decisions the next president makes in the early months of his term will have a huge impact on the country, the world and, yes, even the glass industry. ... read more

Product spotlight

Tinted solar control glass
Pittsburgh’s PPG Industries introduced Solarban 80 Optiblue glass in two blue-green tints with solar-control options. ... read more

Risk tip of the week

Liability for temporary employees
In most states, principles of common law, specifically the “dual employee” doctrine, addresses the issue of who is responsible for workers’ compensation coverage for temporary employees. ... read more

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Project news

Impact glazing incorporates sunshades to cool Florida university lab

“It’s a hurricane impact project with 1 5/16-inch insulating glass units, and one of the only projects in South Florida where sunshades are integrated into the curtain wall system.” —Rudi Prusa, business development manager, Trainor Glass Co.

Learn about the basics, the players, and the glass and systems involved with this Great glazing

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