September 23, 2008 | Vol 3, Num 38
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News to know

Crystal Achievement Awards go to 29 winners

Glass Magazine’s third annual Crystal Achievement Awards produced 29 winners in 21 categories, including new additions Best Retail Showroom and Best Mirror Installation/Residential.
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Installation of the week

2009 Ford Mustang
Download a free PDF featuring glass removal and replacement instructions for the 2009 Ford Mustang © 2008 Ford Motor Co.

Hundreds more installations are available at the new


Lessons from the black swan
Accurate prediction is enormously difficult, rendering techniques used to manage risk flawed.
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Product spotlight

IGU sealant
Germany’s eco international GmbH & Co. KG introduced eco-pur, a two-component primerless polyurethane applied as a secondary sealant for single and multichamber insulating glass unit production. ... read more

Risk tip of the week

Sweating the small stuff
The pop culturists and self-help gurus often tell you to focus on the big picture and “don’t sweat the small stuff.” In other words, don’t worry about minutiae that you can’t control anyway. Perhaps good advice for living a happy and peaceful life, but when it comes to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, you do need to “sweat the small stuff.” ... read more

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Project news U.S. Air Force building combines blast resistance
with LEED certification

“The project was one of our bigger blast jobs; we had to meet the Air Force’s blast resistance requirements in the makeup of the curtain wall and glass. It is on an Air Force Base and the contractor took the security perimeter and moved it inside the base so the project was outside the security perimeter for easier access to the building site.” – Jeff Creason, owner and vice president, Keystone Glass

Learn about the basics, the players, the glass and systems involved with this Great glazing

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