March 18, 2008 | Vol 3, Num 11
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In the Feb. 19 e-glass poll, about 36 percent of respondents said they first make cuts in travel to save money in their business. Have you noticed fewer attendees at industry meetings so far this year?

I haven't attended any meetings.


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New VP, plant upgrades at Efco
Brad Anderson, former project manager for the Macomb, Ill., Pella Corp. facility, will take over as vice president of operations at Efco Corp., a Pella company, Monett, Mo. ... read more

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Green to the core

Greensburg, a small town in Kansas, is replacing its tornado-ravaged buildings with energy-efficient, sustainable structures ... read more

Avoid discrimination claims when hiring

Fair and unbiased employment applications, followed by specific job descriptions, form your first line of defense against claims for discrimination in hiring. Review your application form periodically and make sure that you do not ask any discriminatory questions ... read more

Product spotlight

The Lambda 1050 spectrophotometer from PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences Inc. of Waltham, Mass., measures light transmission, reflectance of material and amount of light absorbed ... read more


Glaston officials appoints board, approves dividends at general meeting
Glaston Corp., Finland, held its annual general meeting March 11, with shareholders approving dividends of 15 cents per share, totaling more than $12 million ... read more

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Blades of glass rise on elevator shaft
“We were able to print a multicolored image without needing any rasterization [conversion of graphics objects composed of vectors or line segments into dots for transmission to dot matrix and laser printers].”
—Bernd Hoffmann, principal designer, Hoffmann Glas-Technik-Design, Hildesheim, Germany

The basics: Residents of Hamburg, Germany, ride in style when they visit Hochbahnhaus, a local administrative building. The elevator in the building is enclosed in printed glass. The shaft is decorated with blades of tropical grass, an image strongly contrasting its urban environs. The main colors are green, yellow and black mixed with white to control translucency.
The players: Principal designer, Bernd Hoffmann, Hoffmann Glas-Technik-Design, Hildesheim, Germany; glass fabricator, Interpane-Sicherheitsglas of Hildesheim, Germany; digital printing, Dip Tech, Kfar Saba, Israel
The glass and systems: The project involved 40 glass panes from 450 by 2,100 millimeters, or about 17.7 by 82.6 inches, to 2,400 by 2,100 mm, or about 94.5 by 82.7 inches. Each glass pane features an individual part of the motif. The three lower floors of the elevator cabinet are made from laminated glass 16 mm, or 63 inches, with ceramic digital printing inside. The four upper floors are made from 12 mm, or 1/2-inch, tempered float glass, with ceramic digital printing inside. The entire process allowed Hoffmann to compose 40 positions, letting him arrange a large-format picture without any deviations.

Read a Glazier Bulletin about this project as well as an article about the GlassJet machine in the April issue of Glass Magazine.

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